Qualifying for Dual Credit

Students planning to enroll in dual credit courses must first get approval from their high school.  Each school determines how students must qualify.  Once students receive approval from their school, they must demonstrate college level readiness.

IECC uses a holistic approach to determine college-level readiness.  For dual credit students, this means they can place into classes three different ways.  Students can use ACT/PSAT10/SAT scores, high school GPA, and ACCUPLACER testing to qualify for dual credit.  Your high school may have determined a preferred method of placement using only one of these options.  Students and parents should ensure the placement method has been completed (and submitted to IECC) prior to an advising appointment.

Dual Credit Placement

Option A: Standardized test scores.  Includes PSAT10, SAT, and ACT scores.

PSAT10 cutoffs:        
430 English/Reading
480 Math

SAT cutoffs:        
480 English/Reading
530 Math

ACT cutoffs:        
19 English
18 Reading
21 Math

Option B:  High school transcript

Transfer classes:    
3.0 cumulative GPA 
B average in college track English courses (ENG specific)
B average in college track math courses (MTH specific)

Option C:  ACCUPLACER  (students will only be able to test 2 times in 1 academic year)

English or Writing: 250
Math: 250

Option D:  counselor petition form

Counselors can petition on behalf of students who do not meet the criteria in options A-C.  Students may be up to 5 points under the required testing scores and a few tenths of a point away on GPA scores.
Must make a request to your high school counselor.