Industrial Maintenance: HVAC


MAC Plastics Manufacturing, Inc. is a custom plastic extrusion and injection molding company located in Olney, Illinois. MAC Plastics has made a name for itself as one of the leading plastics manufacturers in the United States and takes pride in providing their customers in a variety of industries with the highest quality products, on-time deliveries, and top-notch customer service. They specialize in extrusions, plastic injection molding, custom central vacuum tubing, fabrication, finishing, assembly, engineering, and design. Their customer service includes not only quality engineering and production, but also finding solutions to other customer needs such as timing, packaging, and warehousing. 

Olney Central College reached out to MAC Plastics with an exciting opportunity to partner for an apprenticeship program through the Expanding Rural Apprenticeship Grant. The idea of having an incumbent worker train on much needed job skills was very appealing to MAC Plastics. The location of the training was also attractive because Mac Plastics is located less than a mile north of Olney Central College.  

“We value our employees and believe investing in them greatly benefits our team. Education and training strengthen our employees’ skillsets and we are happy to help them grow as individuals as well as MAC Plastics team members,” said Brandan Michels, Plant Manager. 

Mac Plastics began their partnership with OCC with one incumbent worker HVAC apprentice. This program has allowed MAC Plastics to utilize training to upskill in an area that is beneficial to the company. Although this first cohort is only one worker, the experience can provide a window into the benefits that apprenticeships can provide for the future and create a pipeline for expansion.  

OCC Instructor Logan Marshall says, "Apprenticeship programs are great for students and employers alike. They allow an individual to earn an income while attending classes, applying what they are learning in a particular course directly into a work environment on a weekly basis. It is a benefit to the employer because they are able to train the student in their specific protocols and on their specialized equipment, this creates a better employee for them and shows an investment from the company in their employees."  

MAC Plastics Manufacturing is a dedicated and experienced provider of plastic products to customers throughout North America. MAC Plastics Manufacturing operates as a lean manufacturer and strives each day to meet their company’s vision and goals. The immediate benefit of partnering with OCC in an HVAC apprenticeship program is upskilling to current workforce and building a strong partnership for the future as MAC Plastics continues to grow its own.