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Inclement Weather Guidelines

This information aims to assist members of the IECC community in understanding the decision-making process and offers guidance on their expected actions in the event of a weather closure (including a delayed opening or early dismissal). A campus closure is applicable to all students and employees, meaning both in-person and online classes and athletic or community events are canceled for the day (or portion of the day).

Decisions, Decisions

The IECC Presidents work collaboratively to make decisions about weather related closures and delays. These decisions are made after consulting each other, the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast, and IECC Operations and Maintenance staff. The primary factor in decision-making is the condition of the campus and the ability to keep sidewalks and parking lots clear and safe for use. Typically, a decision to close or have a delayed start will be made by 6:30 a.m. and notifications will be sent via text/email, provided on the website/Entrata, and supplied to the primary news outlets in the District.  

IECC’s district spans 3,000 square miles and includes all or portions of 12 counties. By spanning such a vast area, weather conditions may vary dramatically between the District’s four primary locations.  This results in instances where one campus is closed, and others may remain open. We also recognize that many students and employees commute from their homes where weather and road conditions may be different.  

How to Stay Up-To-Date and in the Know

In the event of a campus closure, delayed start, or early dismissal:

  • IECC will send an alert out using our emergency notification system. This system will send you a text or email and will also update the main IECC webpage. You are encouraged to review or update your contact information in the emergency notification system by clicking here.

  • If you haven’t received notice of a closure or delayed start, you can check the IECC main webpage ( or reference the major media outlet in your local community. If none of these sources mentions a closure or delayed start by 6:30 a.m. then the campus is open for normal operation. 

What to do if Your Campus Closes 

When your campus is closed, there will be no expectation of attendance, in-person or online. Any mandatory attendance policies for specific classes are not applicable to days when the campus is closed. 

Only essential employees (President, Dean, Public Information & designated O&M members) will report in person*. Employees who ordinarily work on campus do not need to report to campus and do not need to work remotely unless their supervisor deems it essential for critical operations. Staff who work remotely will also not be required to work that day unless their supervisor deems it essential for critical operations. Employees are expected to adhere to the open/closure decision for their primary location. Full-time non-exempt (hourly) employees should report their regularly scheduled hours on their timesheet as "regular" hours.

*Employees who are required to work when their campus is closed shall be compensated: With the exception of the Presidents and Deans, exempt employees are given equivalent Personal Leave time; Non-exempt employees shall be paid double time or issued Personal Leave time. 


Consistent with the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) guidance, a campus closure does not mean students, faculty, or staff are unaccountable for any classroom content or work duties that would have occurred on the closure day. It is expected that material missed on this day will be made up on a different day or using a different modality. For this reason, upon reopening of the campus, it is advisable for students to carefully monitor Canvas and their IECC email accounts as instructors may assign makeup work during this time.

What to do if Your Campus Doesn't Close 

Due to the size of our district and the variation in road or weather conditions, IECC understands some students may have difficulty attending class even if their campus remains open. In those circumstances, students should reach out directly to their instructors prior to the scheduled class time informing them of their absence and the reason for it. It is up to the student to collect information covered that day from their classmates and to address questions about missed work with the faculty. Faculty always use their best judgment and work to offer flexibility for students in legitimate circumstances. 

Employees are encouraged to use their best judgment as to their ability to reach campus safely. In the event employees feel unable to reach campus in a safe manner due to weather conditions in their area, they should communicate this with their immediate supervisors to determine next steps. Employees' personal days or other leave time may be used in these circumstances.

What to do About Early Dismissals and Delayed Openings

There are times when weather patterns might require a delayed start or an early dismissal.  Delayed starts or early dismissals are also applicable to all employees and students, and all parties are expected to adhere to the following guidance.

Students and Faculty   
If your campus has a delayed start, and the scheduled class time is earlier than the delayed start, that class is canceled. Similarly, if a class is scheduled to begin during or after an announced early dismissal time, it is also canceled.  


Whether employees work on campus or remote, delayed starts and early dismissals should be observed by all, with the exception of essential employees.  
Full-time non-exempt (hourly) employees should report their regularly scheduled hours on their timesheet as "regular" hours. (Do NOT deduct for the delay/early dismissal time.) 

The Impact on Clinicals

Students and employees are responsible for using personal judgment regarding their safety and travel during inclement weather. Students who have clinicals scheduled during times of inclement weather should contact their clinical faculty regarding clinical cancellation or alternate clinical plans.

The Impact on Athletics, Community Events, and Other Activities

Generally speaking, if a campus is closed for inclement weather, this extends to all campus-sponsored activities and events. This would include such things as practices (e.g., athletics, plays), games, performances, auditions, etc. While Presidents have the discretion to permit certain events, the default status is cancellation for all. To keep the community informed, any exceptions or announcements about events proceeding as planned will be communicated through Social Media and/or media outlets.

The Impact on our Business & Industry Division

Students and employees participating in on-campus training and events should follow the guidelines provided above. Cancellation of off-campus training and events will be at the discretion of the Dean of Business & Industry and/or the hosting site.