Course & Program Offerings

Online and Hybrid Courses  
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Online Degrees and Certificates
Following are the available online degrees and certificates - curriculum and information for each program can be found here. Note:  Some programs require SPE 1101 Fund of Effective Speaking. This course requires several visits to the college. 

**** All courses and programs offered online are contingent on class enrollment. ****

It is the student’s responsibility to work closely with an advisor so that electives are appropriate, transferable, and applicable toward the student’s major at the transfer college or university.


Transfer Degrees:

Associate in Science Transfer Degree (AS D110)

Associate in Arts Transfer Degree (AA D100)

Associate in Science and Arts Transfer Degree (ASA D111)

Associate in General Studies Degree (AGS D595)

Associate in Applied Science Degrees:

Accounting (ACT D140)

Certified Medical Assistant (MEDA D292)

Health Information Technology (MCOD D188)


Customer Service Management (CUSM C341)

Early Childhood - ECE Level 2 Credential (ECD C353)

Early Childhood - ECE Level 3 Credential (ECD C354)

Electronic Medical Records (HIM C194)

Medical Assistant (MEDA C192)

Medical Transcription (MEDTR C195)

MS Office Specialist (MSOFC C244)

Professional Bookkeeper (ACT C142)

Public Service Management (PSER C352)

Sales (SALES C240)

Special Events Management (EVENT C357)