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Distance education at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges involves any formal approach to student learning in which the majority of instruction occurs while the instructors and learners interact synchronously or asynchronously through various technologies to facilitate the educational experience. Distance-delivered instruction responds to the needs and goals of students and faculty providing flexible, accessible programs and courses, and takes place in the form of online instruction via the Internet and hybrid courses.

IECC provides academic and learning resources, student support services, and technical and administrative support for all forms of distance-delivered programs and courses.  Selections are varied and tuition rates are some of the lowest available.  Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation is extended to include distance education offered by IECC. 

IECC strives to make the distance-delivered learning experience a great one.  Annually, a Distance Delivery Education Plan is developed which includes strategies and goals to achieve IECC’s vision with high quality distance-delivered courses, programs, and services as the basis. 

Online Classes
IECC offers approximately 200 courses as online options. Online classes provide students the flexibility to attend virtual classes at times that are convenient for their schedules. In most cases, coursework is accessible 24/7 - 365 days a year. The help desk is available during regular business days/hours.  Online classes are ideal when there are obligations such as work or family commitments that do not allow for a traditional classroom setting. They are also a great choice when additional education is needed for professional development and advancement. Online classes utilize the Canvas Learning Management System and do not require on-campus attendance. If proctored testing is required, it can be arranged at a location local to the student.

Online classes follow the same timeline of traditional class semester offerings and typically run over a 16-week period. During the summer semester, online classes follow the 8-week schedule. IECC has online registration, bookstores, financial aid, advising, library services and technical assistance available to all students who enroll in online classes.  All courses and programs offered online are contingent upon class enrollment.   

Hybrid Classes
IECC also offers hybrid courses, a combination of online and traditional face-to-face classroom instruction to facilitate student learning.  In a hybrid course, a significant portion of the course learning is online, and as a result, the amount of classroom time is reduced.  The face-to-face hours are replaced by online activities, assignments, and exams.  Hybrid courses are designed for students who can be successful in online courses, but wish to maintain personal contact with the instructor and other students.  Students can refer to the course syllabus or contact the instructor to learn more about the hybrid aspects of a specific course.


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