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Enrollment Status

Veteran enrollment status is measured by the number of credit hours taken during an eight- or sixteen-week session.


8-Week Session

16-Week Session


6 or more hours

12 or more hours

3/4 time

4-5 hours

9-11 hours

1/2 time

3 hours

6-8 hours

Military Credit

Credit toward graduation may be granted to a veteran for certain armed forces military service experiences. If a student has completed Basic Military Training and has been honorably separated, or currently serving, the student may obtain seven (7) semester hours of credit. Click here for more information. 

Active Duty Withdrawal 

Any IECC student in the military service, or a student who enlists in the military service (Army of the United States, United States Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, and members of the State Militia), or a student who is a member of the National Guard or Reserves and has been ordered to active duty, and is unable to attend class for 7 or more days, shall receive a full refund of required tuition, fees, and other institutional charges. Withdrawal from courses shall not impact final grade point average or re-enrollment options. Students unable to process their enrollment for the upcoming term due to military service will have all late penalties or fees set aside.

Any IECC student that is called to active military service shall be allowed to complete any unfinished courses at a later date at no additional charge, unless course credit has already been given or the student received a full refund upon withdrawing (in which case the student’s record shall reflect that the withdrawal is due to active military service). The student must be given priority over other students who are reenrolling in the course or courses. 

Any IECC student who is Title IV eligible and withdraws because of being called to active duty, or has been otherwise impacted by the military mobilization, will not be required to repay an overpayment of grant funds based on the Return of Title IV Funds calculation. IECC must perform the Return of Title IV Funds calculations and/or Return of Unearned TA calculations that are required by the statute and regulations and will return funds as calculated.

Reduced Tuition

When using federal veterans' benefits, all eligible veterans and their eligible dependents will be offered in-district tuition.

Useful Website Links

  • To request your military records, visit National Archives here. Records for recent service and medical records are not online.
  • To request your military transcripts, visit Joint Services Transcript here.
  • To review the VA Education Programs in full detail, click here.
  • To view your current benefits, vist eBenefits here.
  • Veterans using Chapter 30 or Chapter 1606 benefits must reported enrollment monthly through Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE), here.
  • To apply for the Illinois Veteran Grant or Illinois National Guard Grant or review your benefit usage, visit the Illinois Student Assistance Commission here.
  • For the Illinois MIA/POW Scholarship Application, visit the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs here.

Contact Information

GI Bill® Educational Assistance

1(888) 442.4551

Veterans Administration Hotline

1(800) 827.1000

Change Direct Deposit Information

1(877) 838.2778

Monthly Verification for WAVE

1(877) 823.2378

Change of Address

1(888) 422.4551

Veterans Crisis Line

1(800) 273.8255 (press 1)


1(800) 829.4833