IECC dual credit courses are college courses and may be transferrable to other colleges and universities.  The core classes students can take at IECC, including those in communications, mathematics, physical and life sciences, humanities and fine arts, and social and behavior sciences, were developed with the ability to be transferred.  Be sure you talk to your high school counselor and an IECC college advisor for additional information regarding transfer courses.  

How to transfer classes

While most people outside of higher education are not familiar with the IAI agreement, it is very important that dual credit students and parents/guardians of dual credit students are aware of it.  IAI is a statewide transfer agreement among more than 100 participating colleges and universities.  IECC’s transfer degrees (Associates in Arts, Associates in Science, and Associates in Science and Arts) are designed to meet the IAI General Education Package.  Completing one of these degrees at IECC, you can transfer your associates degree to a participating school where it should meet all lower-division general education requirements.  Usually this will set students up to complete their bachelor’s degree within two years at their next school.  These courses do NOT always meet major requirements, so make sure to talk to your advisor about your transfer path.

Most courses will transfer on an individual basis as well.  Speak with an advisor if you have any questions on how your classes will transfer.  There is no statewide agreement in place with Indiana colleges and universities that IECC can participate in, but advisors can help you identify how courses will transfer across state lines.