Safety Teams & Training

Planning for emergency situations is crucial to mitigate risks, protect lives, and minimize damage. It ensures a coordinated response, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and enhances the ability to swiftly and effectively address unforeseen events, ultimately fostering a safer environment for everyone involved. Here at IECC, safety initiatives related to emergency preparedness are coordinated through the efforts of the Director of Safety and Emergency Preparedness. To safeguard our campus communities, an adequate number of team members is maintained on each campus and equipped with the essential training necessary to ensure the well-being of students, faculty, and staff by providing proactive security measures, emergency response services, and fostering a safe and inclusive campus community. 

Safety Team Members are provided ALICE, CPR training, and other training as appropriate. 

Contact Information:
Brent Maguire, Director of Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Phone: 618-842-3711 Ext: 4402

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Jay Edgren, President

Brent Maguire

Tara Farleigh

Andy Hill

Rodney Maxey

Trevin Milner

Paul Bruinsma

Lori Noe

Sharis Wilson

Mary Johnston

Annie Lankford

Kent Staley

Rennie Cates

Keith Colclasure

Ben Lewis

Tona Ambrose, President

Cyndi Boyce

Jackie Shamhart

Heather Watts

Chris Ellington

Chris Forde

Dana Goodwin

Jamie Henry

Ken Pryor

Taylor Dahlberg

Kristi Rawlings

CCRC Executive Director

Julie Redman

Amber Malone

Brandon Weger

Dennis York

Reno Bemont

Jackson Hemrich

Chris Simpson, President

Lynne Welker

Amy Tarr

Kyle Shelton

Doug Shipman

Chad Groves

Nicholas Short

Allen Simpson

Curtis Marshall

Jamie Barbee

Matt Fowler, President

Tim Zimmer

Jay Carter

Dennis Stroughmatt

Paula Peach

Terrance McGee

Katelin Neely

Steve Patberg