Drug-Free Schools & Communities

(Consumer Information Disclosure)

The IECC Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of a college environment that is free of substance abuse. The college environment includes students, employees, and other persons participating in IECC District 529-sponsored classes, programs, services, and other activities or events. Substance abuse is defined as the unauthorized possession, sale, transfer, purchase or use of alcohol, unlawful narcotics, cannabis, or any other controlled substance. Substance abuse within the college environment is prohibited. Students and employees involved in substance abuse within the college environment are subject to disciplinary action. Any illegal substance abuse will result in involvement of law enforcement officials. Contractors to IECC District 529 are expected to comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Associated Policies and Procedures:

Substance Abuse Policy (100.9)

Drug-Free Workplace Policy (400.19)

Student Conduct Policy (500.8)


Resources for Assistance (Students and Employees):

Resources for Assistance (Employees): 

Employees of the District who are concerned about their own drug or alcohol use and/or of their extended family members, may contact the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) at 888-268-4809 or online at GuidanceResources Online