Holds on Student Accounts

Prior to registration it's important to know if you have any holds on your account. You won't be able to register until the holds that prevent registration are resolved. At any time, you can check for holds via the MyIECC Entrata portal. From the Student Services & Profile option, select the Student Profile link; holds are displayed in the far right hand corner of the screen. 

The following are hold types that will prevent registration and actions to take in order to resolve the hold.      

Hold Type

What Action to Take

College Suspension

Contact your Registration and Records Office.

High School Senior

Apply for Admission

Proof of Residency

Provide a document with your current address, such as your driver’s license, property tax statement, or voter’s registration card, to the Registration and Records Office. 

Program Suspension

Contact your advisor for an appointment.

SSN Verification

Take your Social Security card to your Registration and Records Office.

Web Registration Hold

Contact your advisor for an appointment.


Some holds that prevent registration are simply identified as "Other".  If you receive this type of hold, call your Registration and Records Office for further information. If it's determined to be a Financial Hold, you may be directed to the College Business Office for assistance. More on Financial Holds can be found here.