Tuition Refunds

(Consumer Information Disclosure)

A refund of 100% of the tuition and fees will be made to a student who officially drops a course during:

  • the first 10 business days of a 16‐week course period

  • the first 5 business days of an 8-week course period

  • the proportionate time of any other course not conforming to a 16- or 8-week schedule. 

There will be no refunds given after these dates.

See the Withdrawal Policy for more information on dropping a course during the drop/refund period. 

See Semester Dates and Deadlines for current semester refund dates (16- and 8-week schedules). Students should contact the Registration and Records Office for questions or concerns regarding the refund period.

See Workforce Education for refunds pertaining to New Hire Mining classes.