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Need a Transcript?

Current and former IECC students may obtain both unofficial and official transcripts of their education records by following the instructions below. 

Before you request a transcript! 

Electronic processing of transcripts is immediate.  For current/recent students: Do not place an order until you know grades, certificates/degrees, or other important data have been posted to your student record.  It would be wise to run an unofficial transcript via Entrata first; particularly if it’s soon after the close of a semester. 

Unofficial Transcripts

There’s no charge for unofficial transcripts obtained via a link in your Entrata account.  Standard charges apply for unofficial transcripts obtained through the Student Records Office.  These transcripts will be identified as “Unofficial Transcript”.  Be advised that most colleges and universities accept only official transcripts submitted to the receiving institution by the college issuing the transcript. 

Official Transcripts

There are 2 options for requesting official transcripts:

1) Online at the National Student Clearinghouse.   IECC has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to process transcripts online.  There is a link from your Entrata Account (and below) to access the site in order to request an official transcript.  Once you access the site, there are easy-to-follow directions that will help you place the order and provide information on delivery options, fees and tracking.  Be sure to select Illinois Eastern Community Colleges.  Information from all four colleges will appear on a single transcript.  A major credit or debit card is necessary.  

2) In person in the Student Records Office at the college.  A completed transcript request form, photo ID, and payment of the fee are required prior to release of the transcript. 

Contact Student Records with any questions pertaining to Transcripts.

National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Order Center


Transcript Legend

The following replicates the legend and additionally provides information and links to aid in interpreting transcripts. 

The college below corresponds to the number identified in the C column on the front:

  11220 State Highway #1     305 North West Street
  Robinson, IL  62454     Olney, IL  62450
  (618) 544-8657           (618) 395-7777
  2200 College Drive      2 Frontier Drive
  Mt. Carmel, IL  62863     Fairfield, IL  62837
  (618) 262-8641     (618) 842-3711

Accreditation: Illinois Eastern Community Colleges is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Academic Calendar:  IECC operates on a two sixteen-week semester academic calendar with one eight-week summer term. IECC converted to semester hours on June 1, 1987. Credits earned prior to that date have been converted to semester hours.

Release of Information:  Transcripts may not be released to a third party without written consent of the student in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

Course Information (Column SUBJ NO. on the front): A 7-character identification system for course numbers has been in use since 1987. Visit this webpage or contact the college for additional information.

Grade and Grade Suffix Legend (GRD Column on the front):

Grade  Grade Point Earned
A Excellent  4 times the hrs. of credit
B Good   3 times the hrs. of credit
C Average  2 times the hrs. of credit
D Passing  1 times the hrs. of credit
F Failure  0 times the hrs. of credit
I Incomplete  Determined by final grade
N No Grade Submitted   Not Computed
W Withdrawal  Not Computed
WF Withdrawal Failure  0 times the hrs. of credit
WP Withdrawal Passing  Not Computed
AU Audit  Not Computed
P Pass  Not Computed
F* Fail (Under Pass/Fail  Not Computed


Grade Suffix  Grade Point Earned 
G Grade Forgiveness Not Computed
N Competency-Based Not Computed
Q Pre-College Level Course Not Computed
Q* Pre-College Level Course Not Computed
R Repeat Not Computed
S Set Aside Not Computed
X By Proficiency Computed

R Column (Final column on the front):  Where indicated, the course is:
   E        Excluded from GPA
   I          Included in GPA 

A transcript is official when it is printed on security paper (tests for authenticity are provided on the backside of the document) or when it's received electronically on behalf of IECC through the National Student Clearinghouse.