Report a Complaint

Naturally we want everyone to have a positive experience here at IECC. If there is a concern, we hope it can be resolved informally and satisfactory to all involved. In the event this is not the case, there are formal procedures in place to address complaints when a resolution has not been reached.      

For our students, please see Student Complaints

For our employees, please see Policy 100.16 and Procedure 100.16.2

For the general public, the process follows.

Informal Resolution    
The parties involved are encouraged to resolve the issue promptly and in an informal manner.

Formal Complaint   
If a resolution is not reached informally, IECC personnel will direct the aggrieved individual to file a written complaint with the college or district office. The written complaint should include, at a minimum, the individual's name, details of the complaint, supporting data, and a desired outcome. 

Within 14 days, the appropriate administrator(s) will review the written complaint, contact involved parties as necessary, and provide a proposal of resolution to the aggrieved individual.

The aggrieved individual may reject the proposal and appeal to the Chancellor or Board of Trustees.

IECC will retain formal complaints on file for a minimum of five (5) years.