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Course Numbers

A 7-character identification system for course numbers has been in use since 1987. Since that time, there have been slight variations, with the current numbering system in effect since 2001. Contact the college with any questions regarding course numbers (past or present). 

The first three alpha-characters (prefix) are course designations. See List of Prefixes. The last four are numerical digits which indicate the following:

1. First Digit - Designates course Level

0 - Less than a freshman-level course
1 - First-year course
2 - Second-year course

2. Second Digit - Designates state classification code

1 - Baccalaureate
2 - Technical
4 - Developmental
6 - Vocational Skills
7 - Adult Basic Education}
8 - Adult Secondary Education
9 - ESL

3. Third and Fourth Digit - Designates course sequence within that discipline 


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