Current Academic Catalog and Addendum


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The following are updates, changes, and corrections to the 2023-2024 IECC College Catalog since its publication.  Where appropriate, links are provided to view the new or revised subject-matter. 

July 2023

August 2023

  • Updated Phlebotomy (PHB C339) Admission and after Admission Requirements. (p. 132) Effective Fall 2023.  
  • Updated Financial Information (Miscellaneous Fees):  Removed $15 LTC Natatorium Fee (p. 43) per August Board approval, effective 8-15-2023; added $80/semester Recreation Center Fee (LTC) Assessed in fall and spring semesters to students taking 12 credit hours or more (p. 43)  per August Board approval, effective spring term 2024.

  • Updated Administration with new LTC and OCC Presidents, new CAO, and new Vice-Chancellor titles to all presidents. (p. 9)

September 2023

  • Updated LTC’s Process Technology (PTEC D302) and (PTEC C301) curricula; replaced PTT 1205 Tech Reading/Writing/Reporting with ENG 1212 Technical Writing; for the degree, increased General Education Hours from 18 to 20. (p. 134)  Effective Spring 2024.

October 2023

  • Updated Child Care to include information pertaining to Buckeroo Early Education Center, housed at OCC. (p. 39)

  • Updated Financial Information (Program & Course Fees) to reflect addition of new cost recovery fee (ATSSA Certification Exam at Actual Cost) to Electrical Distribution Systems per October Board approval. (p. 44)  Effective Spring 2024.

  • Corrected Academic Calendar (Year 2023-2024) by changing 2024 Spring Semester “Last Day to Withdraw from Courses” from March 19 to April 19 per October Board approval. (p. 6)

  • Updated LTC’s Process Technology (PTEC D302) curriculum; removed BUS 2104 Business Economics, decreasing credit hours by 3; fourth semester hours from 16 to 13 and program total hours from 63 to 60. (p. 134) Effective Spring 2024.

November 2023  

  • Added 2 new OCC certificates: Auto Body (AUB C514) and Basic Auto Body (AUB C513). Added to inside cover - list of programs; added to Financial Information, both have course fees that were previously approved by Board for other programs (p. 43); added to Career Clusters (p. 72); added to program pages (following Collision Repair Technology D515). Effective Fall 2023.

  • Updated Physical Therapist Assistant CAPTE statement (by adding a second paragraph) as required by the accrediting agency.

December 2023

  • Added Learning Commons to replace Tutoring and Learning Resource Centers topics; replaced Academic Success Centers with Learning Commons under Career Planning and Placement. These changes reflect the introduction of Learning Commons as the new term to replace Learning Resource Centers and Academic Success Centers. Learning Commons includes the libraries and the components that previously made up the Academic Success Centers. (pp 39-40)
  • Updated Americans with Disabilities Act (100.12) content per policy and procedure revisions approved by Cabinet and Board December 2023. (p. 33)

  • Updated Concealed Firearms Policy (100.28) to Weapons and Concealed Firearms Policy (100.28) - broadened the scope of the policy to include the prohibition of weapons on IECC property; updated the related Appendix H. Per December 2023 Board approval. (p. 35)

January 2024

February 2024