The ALLY Addition to Canvas LMS

The ALLY addition to Canvas LMS is a tool that helps students access course materials in different formats, like audio or braille. It also checks for accessibility issues and helps instructors make their materials more accessible for all students, including those with disabilities. Illinois Eastern Community College uses ALLY to make sure its courses are accessible to everyone. The tool helps reduce the time and effort needed to make course content accessible, and supports the college's commitment to providing an inclusive learning environment.

How ALLY Helps Students

  • ALLY generates alternative formats for documents, such as Tagged PDF, HTML, ePub, Electronic Braille, and Audio files.
  • This way, students can choose the format that works best for them and interact with course content in a way that suits their learning preferences and needs.
  • ALLY provides immediate access to alternative accessible file types without any extra steps required by faculty or staff.

How ALLY Helps Instructors

  • ALLY checks the accessibility of course content and provides instructors with feedback on how to improve their accessibility score.
  • This helps instructors create more accessible course materials and reduces the time and effort required to make content accessible.
  • ALLY supports the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) by providing students with a variety of ways to engage with course content.

ALLY is a tool that helps make course materials more usable and accessible for all students. By using ALLY, Illinois Eastern Community College is creating an inclusive learning environment that supports the academic success of all students.

Alternative Formats

Alternative formats in ALLY are versions of a course content that make it accessible for people with different abilities.

Instructor Feedback

Instructor Feedback is a feature that allows faculty to check the accessibility of their course materials and receive suggestions for improvement.

Institutional Report

Institutional Report is a feature that provides a detailed analysis of the accessibility of all the course content within an institution.

How IECC Faculty Uses ALLY

ALLY helps IECC Faculty make course materials accessible to all students. It allows for the creation of alternative formats such as e-texts, audio files, and captioned videos.