Admission Process & Requirements

Admissions Checklist


Persons interested in applying to the nursing program should contact the Allied Health Advisor at one of the four colleges in the IECC District. The advisor will provide prospective students with program information, an application, and a partial copy of the Illinois Nursing Act, which stipulates that a nursing license may be refused to persons who have been involved in a criminal offense, such as felony or misdemeanor, or unlawful sale of any drug, or alcohol/substance abuse. One convicted of a criminal offense is not automatically barred from licensure, but the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation will take such convictions into consideration. Applicants will be asked to submit pre-admission documentation if concerns exist. 

Conduct and Health

In addition to meeting the nursing program requirements for admission, a student's conduct and health status must also meet the standards of the clinical agencies.

Application Deadline

NOTE: All applicants must attend a nursing information session prior to application submission.  See the schedule here or contact the Allied Health Advisor at the college site for details regarding upcoming information sessions. Prospective students will be advised to review the Nursing Student Handbook.  

Completed applications must be received at the college site by March 1 for the Associate Degree Nursing Program to be ranked for the fall semester. Late applications will be accepted pending available space. 

A completed application consists of:

1) All official college and high school transcripts.

2) GED scores, if applicable.

3) A completed IECC application form .

4) An Associate Degree Nursing Program or Practical Nursing Certificate Program application.

5) TEAS® scores which meet minimum entry requirements. 

6) Government issued photo ID residency verification.

Applicants with completed files will be ranked using the composite score which is derived from their TEAS® exam scores, cumulative GPA, and certified nurse assistant status. A minimum entry-level composite score is required.


Requirements (Prior to Acceptance into the Program)

A cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required to make application to the nursing program. Grades of F in college level courses from institutions outside of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges may be eligible for a grade forgiveness process for ranking purposes for acceptance into the nursing program. This grade forgiveness would be done manually and only one time and would not affect the applicant's official cumulative grade point average. Contact the Allied Health Advisor at the college site to determine eligibility.

Test of Academic Skills Version (TEAS)
Applicants to the IECC Associate Degree Nursing or Practical Nursing Certificate programs must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam prior to the ranking deadline. Specifics regarding minimal accepted TEAS scores are available from an Allied Health Advisor. The TEAS exam may be taken up to two (2) times per ranking period.  Prior test scores may be used for ranking for admission consideration if the test was taken within 24 months of the ranking deadline.  If the prior exam was more than 24 months before the ranking deadline, a new test shall be required.  The cost of testing will be paid by the student. See current required TEAS scores.

Requirements (After Acceptance into the Program)

1) Return acceptance form within the required timeframe;

2) Proof of a physical examination and immunizations (due by assigned date);

3) Evidence of AHA BLS certification;

4) Provide certification as nurse assistant, as evidenced by:

    a.  Successful completion of the CNA training program within 2 years of the date of application deadline and listed on the Illinois Department of Public Health Registry; or

    b.  Successful completion of the CNA course, proof of 400 hours worked within the last year prior to the application (must provide verification of hours worked from Feb           15-Feb 15), and listed on Illinois Department of Public Health Registry.

    Nursing Assistant certification in other states, or other patient care positions, will be reviewed for compliance with the program’s prerequisite knowledge. Additional              coursework or competency testing, including CNA certification and/or NUR 1207, may be required of an individual not meeting criterion a. or b.;

5) Satisfactory background check.

6) Negative drug screen. 

An unsatisfactory background check and/or non-negative drug screen will negate program admission or result in administrative withdrawal.