Graduation Requirements

To Graduate:

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Eastern Community College District No. 529, upon the recommendation of faculty, staff, and the chancellor, will grant a certificate or degree to students who meet the requirements of a program. It is the student's responsibility to know and follow the requirements of the curriculum and the rules governing academic work. No IECC official or faculty member can relieve a student of this responsibility.

To graduate, all students must:

1. Successfully complete all of the prescribed requirements in the selected program of study for the effective Catalog Term;

2. Earn, at a minimum, the required number of college-level credits at IECC: 

  • For a degree, 16 credit hours
  • For a certificate, 16 credit hours or 50% of the required credit hours, whichever is less;

3. Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 for all IECC coursework;

4. Satisfy all IECC financial obligations; (Contact the Business Office to reconcile a Financial Hold)

5. Fulfill any outstanding requests for records; and

6. Make application for graduation and pay any associated fees by the due date. (See the Graduation Application Guide for guidance.)

To Graduate with Honors:

Graduates who meet the following academic achievements will be recognized at the college's commencement ceremony and an appropriate designation will appear on their transcript and diploma. 

Honor Designation

Graduating Class of Fall 2023 and Prior

Graduating Class of Spring 2024 and After



4.0 GPA


3.90 GPA or greater

3.75 - 3.99 GPA


3.50 to 3.89 GPA

3.50 - 3.74 GPA



These honors are awarded based on the student’s cumulative grade point average for college-level coursework completed from IECC through the term prior to graduation.

Degree Evaluation Tool

It is helpful to check your degree status at the end of each term. This tool provides information for reference only and does not negate the need for an academic advisor. 

Degree Evaluation