College & Career Readiness

The AEFL program recognizes the importance of helping individuals meet their educational goals.  Adult Education instructors incorporate college and career readiness into classes to provide additional guidance.

Transition Skills

Transition Skills classes and services help connect students with available resources and partners to help them enter the workforce afterwards. Classes are free and are offered on IECC campuses as well as online (qualifying students only).

Students in Transition Skills classes will: 

  • Improve study skills and understand learning styles
  • Identify and research a career
  • Fill out job applications, build resumes, and develop interview strategies
  • Complete financial planning, scholarships, and financial aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete a college placement test and register for college

Bridge Program

For those seeking specialized learning for a specific field or industry, Bridge classes are available.  The IECC district currently provides classes for healthcare and manufacturing.  While enrolled in a Bridge classes, students can explore local job opportunities and resources while developing the basic skills of reading, writing, and math.

Students in a Bridge Class will:

  • Receive integrated workforce instruction alongside GED preparation instruction.
  • Learn the common terminology and challenges of career fields with strong economic benefits in one's local community
  • Explore career interests before it's time to choose a major and financially commit to a college degree

Workforce Partners

The Adult Education department can connect you with organizations throughout the IECC district to further assist you with college and career readiness.

Partners of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA):

Wabash Area Development, Inc. (WADI) - serving IECC students living in Wayne, White, Edwards, and Wabash Counties

CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation - serving IECC students living in Clay, Richland, Lawrence, Crawford, and Jasper Counties

Services of Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES):

Illinois Job Link - explore job opportunities near you within the State of Illinois

Illinois Career Information - Learn more about a variety of careers and job fields

Illinois Virtual Labor Market - Explore current labor market information

Contact Us

To learn more about Transition Skills services or to register for a class, contact:

Hayden McDuffee, Coordinator of Transition Services