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Engage IECC!

July 25th - Fostering Campus Synergy

The day ignites with a networking breakfast at 8:00 a.m., transitioning into a welcome from Dr. Gower and an insightful discourse on Customer Services by Kate Pleasant. Following a short break, KaRissa introduces methods for de-escalating tense situations, succeeded by a comprehensive update on Financial Aid from Krystle Riggle. We then delve into key operational tools, including Banner Self Service, Ellucian DegreeWorks, TimelyCare, and TutorMe. After an engaging lunch and activity period, we kickstart our afternoon with an International update, a Transferology session by the Advising Staff and Office of Admissions and Records, and a stimulating session on 'Leveraging AI for Your Workflow'. The day moves forward with a Narcan/AED information session, a Cyber Scams awareness talk, and concludes with a workshop on 'Mastering MS 365: Harnessing Teams & OneDrive'. Attendee details for these sessions are not outlined in the agenda.

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August 10 - Mastering the Art of Virtual Learning and Collaboration

Our journey begins with a day that seamlessly blends in-person and virtual engagement, perfectly designed to meet the evolving needs of our educational landscape. The morning launches with individualized workshops hosted on each of our campuses. These workshops, catered to all faculty and staff, provide a dedicated space to delve into areas of specific interest and concern within the comfort and familiarity of their own campus environment.

As we transition into the afternoon, faculty members will shift to a virtual platform for a series of engaging online sessions aimed at enhancing collective skills and knowledge in key areas of academic practice. This will include virtual assessment meetings. Participating departments include English Communications, Life & Physical Sciences, Humanities & Fine Arts, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Mathematics, and Career and Technical Education.

Our afternoon extends our exploration into the digital realm, concentrating on enhancing online teaching practices. We will delve into a deep dive into various digital tools and resources, including Canvas, Quality Matters (QM), Ally, Microsoft 365's Teams and OneDrive, and LibGuides. The day culminates with a tutorial on implementing Turnitin, an essential tool promoting academic integrity in our classrooms.

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August 11 - Cultivating Community and Expanding Skills

Day two will transpire at Olney Central College, where we'll share a day of professional growth, skill enhancement, and valuable face-to-face interaction. The day springs into action with housekeeping notes, a roundup of IECC updates, and an open Q & A with Dr. Gower.

We’ll dedicate a segment of the morning to Emergency Response Safety Training, ensuring that all IECC members are prepared and confident in handling emergency situations. The remainder of the morning provides an opportunity for team-building activities and recognition of our hardworking colleagues.

The afternoon continues for staff and adjunct faculty with a series of informative and engaging sessions. We'll delve into subjects such as cultivating a "Growth Mindset", avoiding Cyber SCAMS, leveraging AI for your workflow, and gaining insights from the HR team on various crucial topics. There will also be an opportunity for hands-on experience with Canvas, an informational session on Narcan. The afternoon for the full-time faculty is a designated time for the association to meet. They are welcome to join in sessions after their meeting if they so choose.

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Dress will be casual/jeans and remember to wear your college/district apparel!

The day sets the stage for professional growth starting at 8:00 a.m. with a networking coffee session and grab-and-go items in the Brubeck Arts Center Lobby. We transition into a series of essential updates from Chancellor Dr. Ryan Gower, Dr. Jay Edgren in Academic Affairs, Dr. Matt Fowler in Student Affairs, Chris Simpson in Business Operations, and Tona Ambrose in Institutional Outreach. The morning peaks with an in-depth session on Emotional Intelligence by Kate Pleasant and culminates with the Engage IECC Poster Fair.

As we move into the late morning and afternoon, attendees can choose from a plethora of specialized breakout sessions. Topics range from Lean 6S principles and de-escalation techniques to mastering budget management with Banner Finance and AI applications in the workplace. Special sessions are earmarked for District Office employees focusing on the "Stages of Team Development" and faculty with "Cultivating an Adult Learning Environment in Your Classroom," while meta-major staff will engage in divisional meetings.

The day concludes with a fun activity in the theater, designed to foster team-building and camaraderie. This enriching day of professional development is mandatory for all full-time faculty and staff, with part-time employees warmly encouraged to participate.

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We eagerly look forward to the rich discussions, shared insights, and strengthened bonds that this unique blend of virtual and in-person interactions will undoubtedly foster.

Together, let's EngageIECC!