Fostering Campus Synergy Workshop Schedule

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Welcome Address from Chancellor Ryan Gower, Ph.D.

Dr. Ryan Gower will join the workshop remotely to discuss the future strategic direction and goals of the institution while answering questions about the immediate impact on the attendees.

Professionalism and Workplace Culture – Kate Pleasant

Harness strategies for the most positive interactions with your coworkers and customers. Develop a deeper understanding of how to grow professional relationships while maintaining a positive workplace culture. We cover topics like networking, effective communication strategies, and managing difficult conversations.

Navigating Difficult Waters: De-escalating Tense Situations – KaRissa Miller

Gain practical techniques from KaRissa Miller to diffuse tension and transform potentially negative situations into positive outcomes.

Navigating FAFSA: Updates, Changes, and Enhancements – Krystle Riggle

"Navigating FAFSA: Updates, Changes, and Enhancements" succinctly delivers key changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The presentation spans topics such as the transition from Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to Student Aid Index (SAI), the newly introduced features of "Parent Wizard" and "Contributor Invitation", and the revised eligibility rules for maximum Pell Grants. It offers valuable knowledge to those seeking clarity on the latest FAFSA changes and advancements.

Unlocking New Tools: Updates on Banner Self-Service, Degree Works, Timely Care & TutorMe

"Unlocking New Tools" provides crucial updates on key platforms: Banner Self Service, Ellucian DegreeWorks, TimelyCare, and TutorMe. Understand the latest enhancements to optimize your user experience and improve productivity.

Expanding Horizons: Updates on IECC’s International Student Program – Cassandra Goldman

This presentation highlights our recent recruitment efforts, including innovative strategies employed to attract talented individuals from around the world. Gain valuable insights into how IECC fosters a diverse and inclusive community, opening doors to global perspectives.

Transferology Lab - Dena Lawrence & Gina Modica

Join Dena Lawrence and Gina Modica from the University of Illinois for the Transferology Lab session. This meeting, specifically designed for our academic advisors and the Office of Admissions and Records staff, is all about making student transfer processes simpler. It focuses on using the Transferology tool effectively to help students understand their transfer options. By attending this session, we aim to make the transfer process smoother and more efficient for our students.

Cyber SCAMS – Alex Cline

The Cyber SCAMS session is an essential component of our commitment to promoting digital security across our institution. This session is designed to provide faculty and staff with an understanding of the various forms of cyber threats, scams, and phishing techniques that are prevalent in today's digital world. Participants will gain insights into identifying potential threats, understanding the mechanisms of digital scams, and implementing effective strategies to safeguard personal and institutional data. The goal is to foster a resilient digital environment where our faculty and staff can operate safely, securely, and confidently.

Informational Session on NARCAN – Carrie Dagg

In our commitment to fostering a safer community, join Carrie Dagg for a concise yet impactful 30-minute session on Narcan. Gain critical knowledge about this life-saving drug, its proper use, and the vital role it plays in emergencies involving opioid overdose.

Leveraging AI for your Workflow – Cameron Ireland

Discover the potential of AI in our educational landscape with this comprehensive session, 'Leveraging AI for your Workflow.' Learn how to harness the power of AI tools such as Notion, ChatGPT, Adobe Express Beta,, and AI-powered QR codes to streamline tasks and ignite creativity. Explore the practical applications of these tools, from simplifying project management, enhancing user experiences, creating stunning visuals, to assisting in coding. The session culminates with a collaborative discussion on future AI use cases, positioning us at the forefront of technology-driven education.

Mastering MS 365: Harnessing Teams & OneDrive – Cameron Ireland & Brandon Weger

Explore the potent features of Microsoft 365, focusing on the collaborative capabilities of Teams and the powerful storage solutions of OneDrive. Learn how to seamlessly integrate these tools into your daily workflow, promoting productivity and enhancing communication within your team.