Withdrawing from Dual Credit Courses

If a student is performing poorly in a dual credit course, they may withdraw from that college course.  Seek advice from your high school counselor or a member of your IECC dual credit team to see if withdrawing is the right decision for you.  In order to officially withdraw from a course, a college withdrawal request must be completed.  Students should contact their high school counselor and/or the college student services office to begin this process.

Students who withdraw from a college course before the deadline will receive a “W” (no grade) on their permanent college transcripts. If a student is failing a class, but does not officially withdraw, they will receive an “F” on their permanent college record.

Each high school may handle dropped dual credit courses differently. Speak with your high school counselor to learn how the drop/withdraw will impact your high school transcript. 

Financial Aid Consequences

Withdrawing from a course may be necessary to help maintain your college GPA; however, there are consequences to be mindful of even as a dual credit student.  Withdrawing from a course can affect your completion rate, academic standing, and satisfactory progress.