Cultivating Community and Expanding Skills

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Welcome Address from Chancellor Ryan Gower, Ph.D.

Dr. Ryan Gower will join the workshop to discuss the future strategic direction and goals of the institution while answering questions about the immediate impact on the attendees.

React & Respond: Empowering Survivors – Active Shooter Response Training – Chris Forde

Learn life-saving strategies and techniques to effectively respond to active shooter situations. You will be guided through the principles of situational awareness, communication, and quick decision-making, empowering you with the tools to increase their chances of survival and protect others in a high-stress environment. You will learn the best practices to use to act swiftly and strategically if you would ever be faced with an active shooter threat.

Teambuilding and Recognition - Uniting and Celebrating IECC's Best

In this session, we strive to create a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie, encouraging every participant to engage and connect with their colleagues in dynamic team-building exercises. This session is more than just fun and games – it's an opportunity to strengthen our communal ties and improve our collective performance. Moreover, we'll take a moment to shine a light on the extraordinary efforts of our team members, applauding their dedication and achievements. It's a testament to the power of recognition, and a chance to inspire and motivate the entire IECC community.

Having a Growth Mindset

Our mindset is what we believe about ourselves; it’s how we view and interpret our own lives. It creates the foundation upon which we live our lives. Facing challenges with a growth mindset involves self-reflection, resilience, and perseverance. This workshop teaches accepting constructive criticism and learning from your mistakes.

Diversity and Communication in the Workplace

By learning how to create an inclusive and diverse workplace, participants will understand the value of a culture that celebrates differences and encourages open communication. The workshop covers topics like recognizing unconscious biases, personality assessments, and learning to recognize and respect what others bring to the table.

Expanding Horizons: Updates on IECC’s International Student Program – Cassandra Goldman

This presentation highlights our recent recruitment efforts, including innovative strategies employed to attract talented individuals from around the world. Gain valuable insights into how IECC fosters a diverse and inclusive community, opening doors to global perspectives.

HR Refresh: Unveiling Updated Vacation Balances and Introducing TimelyCare

Embark on an informative journey with our Human Resources team in "HR Refresh". This session centers around clarifying recent updates to vacation and leave balances, ensuring everyone is on the same page and equipped with the necessary knowledge. The spotlight will also shine on our new partnership with TimelyCare, a program designed to support the wellbeing of our staff. And, of course, our HR experts will be available to field your queries, offering clarity and guidance on all HR-related matters. It's a perfect chance to stay abreast of changes, understand new resources, and get all your pressing HR questions answered.

Cyber SCAMS – Alex Cline

The Cyber SCAMS session is an essential component of our commitment to promoting digital security across our institution. This session is designed to provide faculty and staff with an understanding of the various forms of cyber threats, scams, and phishing techniques that are prevalent in today's digital world. Participants will gain insights into identifying potential threats, understanding the mechanisms of digital scams, and implementing effective strategies to safeguard personal and institutional data. The goal is to foster a resilient digital environment where our faculty and staff can operate safely, securely, and confidently.

Informational Session on NARCAN – Carrie Dagg

In our commitment to fostering a safer community, join Carrie Dagg for a concise yet impactful 30-minute session on Narcan. Gain critical knowledge about this life-saving drug, its proper use, and the vital role it plays in emergencies involving opioid overdose.

Leveraging AI for your Workflow – Cameron Ireland

Discover the potential of AI in our educational landscape with this comprehensive session, 'Leveraging AI for your Workflow.' Learn how to harness the power of AI tools such as Notion, ChatGPT, Adobe Express Beta,, and AI-powered QR codes to streamline tasks and ignite creativity. Explore the practical applications of these tools, from simplifying project management, enhancing user experiences, creating stunning visuals, to assisting in coding. The session culminates with a collaborative discussion on future AI use cases, positioning us at the forefront of technology-driven education.

Mastering MS 365: Harnessing Teams & OneDrive – Cameron Ireland & Brandon Weger

Explore the potent features of Microsoft 365, focusing on the collaborative capabilities of Teams and the powerful storage solutions of OneDrive. Learn how to seamlessly integrate these tools into your daily workflow, promoting productivity and enhancing communication within your team.

​Canvas Open House

Delve into the world of our Learning Management System in the "Canvas Open House" session. This is your opportunity to explore Canvas's dynamic interface, learning how to optimize it for your teaching or administrative needs. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, you'll gain fresh insights into its functionalities and features. Our team will guide you through practical examples, helpful tips, and efficient ways to integrate Canvas into your workflow. Come ready with your questions and leave with a newfound confidence in navigating this powerful educational tool.

Dialogue with the Chancellor

Join us for the "Dialogue with the Chancellor" session, an interactive platform for you to engage directly with Chancellor Dr. Gower. This open forum is an opportunity for you to gain insights into the strategic vision and future direction of the institution. The session also allows you to voice your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Let's continue to build a collaborative and transparent community that embodies the spirit of IECC. Don't miss this chance to connect, discuss, and foster a collective vision for our institution.

​Canvas Template

IECC has a pre-made Canvas course template that is available to all part/full time faculty and in this session, Carrie Hallam, IECC Manager of Technology Support and Training, will share how and where to access the template, cover new student resource pages that were recently added to the template Start Here module, and answer and all questions about best practices for utilizing the template.

​Ally/Quality Matters

In this session, Ken Anderson, the CETL Instructional Designer, will share best practices and "how-to tips" regarding document accessibility in conjunction with the Quality Matters assessment standards that ensure every student will be able to access all course content.

​Navigating Difficult Waters: De-escalating Tense Situations

Gain practical techniques from KaRissa Miller on how to diffuse tension and transform potentially negative situations into positive outcomes.