Mastering the Art of Virtual Learning and Collaboration

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Assessment Meetings

The Assessment Meetings serve as a critical juncture to both reflect on the past year's achievements and strategize for the upcoming year. This shared time allows faculty members to review, analyze, and learn from our successes and challenges in the past year's assessments, effectively closing the loop. Concurrently, these meetings lay the groundwork for creating meaningful, effective assessments for the next academic year, aligning with our students' evolving needs and the dynamic educational landscape. This balanced reflection and forward-planning process drives our ongoing improvement, fostering academic excellence and student success.

Canvas Template

IECC has a pre-made Canvas course template that is available to all part/full time faculty and in this session, Carrie Hallam, IECC Manager of Technology Support and Training, will share how and where to access the template, cover new student resource pages that were recently added to the template Start Here module, and answer and all questions about best practices for utilizing the template.

Ally/Quality Matters

In this session, Ken Anderson, the CETL Instructional Designer, will share best practices and "how-to tips" regarding document accessibility in conjunction with the Quality Matters assessment standards that ensure every student will be able to access all course content.

Empowering CTE Students: Leveraging LWIA/WIOA and Community Resources – Rob Jackman

This presentation provides an in-depth exploration of various resources available to Career and Technical Education (CTE) students. The focus is on understanding the nuances of Local Workforce Innovation Areas (LWIA) and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), alongside other crucial community partners. The session aims to equip CTE faculty with the knowledge and tools to effectively guide students towards these resources, amplifying their success and creating a more enriching educational journey.

Leveraging LibGuides: Streamlining Information Sharing – Andy Cougill

This session introduces and unpacks the power of LibGuides, a widely adopted content management system among libraries worldwide. The session will explore how to curate knowledge, share information, and organize resources efficiently using LibGuides. Whether you're creating class-specific resources or managing websites, this tool can help streamline your work. With Andy's guidance, you'll learn to make the most of LibGuides, enhancing your ability to support our students and faculty in accessing crucial resources.

Mastering MS 365: Harnessing Teams & OneDrive – Cameron Ireland & Brandon Weger

Explore the potent features of Microsoft 365, focusing on the collaborative capabilities of Teams and the powerful storage solutions of OneDrive. Learn how to seamlessly integrate these tools into your daily workflow, promoting productivity and enhancing communication within your team.

Navigating Academic Integrity: A Comprehensive Guide to Turnitin

Embark on a journey to mastery with our interactive session, 'Getting Started with Turnitin.' This session offers a thorough walkthrough on how to leverage Turnitin's features within Canvas. We will cover everything from adjusting settings, understanding the Similarity Report, and exploring document details, to utilizing the Draft Coach feature. Perfect for beginners and those looking to refresh their knowledge, this session is designed to help you make the most out of Turnitin, ultimately fostering academic integrity and enhancing the learning experience.