Violence Prevention Plan

IECC’s Violence Prevention Plan, which is reviewed annually and revised as necessary, was developed considering the guidelines provided in the Threat Assessment and Violence Prevention Program policy (100.25).  The plan outlines the multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional violence prevention strategies, including the formation and implementation of a Threat Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Team (TABIT) with representatives from each of the IECC colleges and the District Office.  

The Behavioral Incident Report is designed to enable faculty, staff, and students to voluntarily report concerning behaviors, as defined in the Violence Prevention Plan, that may raise concerns at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges. An incident, in this context, is an event that does not warrant immediate intervention. In the event of an emergency that requires immediate intervention, call 911. To report an incident, complete the form and return to the Dean of Instruction on your campus.

Behavioral Incident Report Form