Non-Traditional Student

Thinking about college but life's taken you on a different route? No worries! Whether you're juggling family, work, or a mix of everything, we have your back. Flexible schedules, online classes, accommodations, and a supportive community!

What is a Non-Traditional Student?

A non-traditional student could be any one of the following:

  • Older than 23
  • A parent
  • Married
  • Attending IECC after taking a break before or during your college education
  • The primary caregiver of elderly parents
  • A veteran of the US armed forces

If so, welcome to the estimated 20% of IECC nontraditional students!

Why Choose IECC as a Non-Traditional Student?

  • We have tailored support for non-traditional students with flexible enrollment options like evening, online, and accelerated plans available.
  • You can receive credit for your previous education and experience.
  • At IECC, you'll find a supportive community to fit your needs with resources available like tutoring, counseling, and workshops available for academic growth.
  • Our career-focused curriculum is designed to teach you practical skills needed for today's workforce.
  • Our financial aid experts can help you with scholarships and tuition assistance.

Start Your Journey Today!

Don't let the college application process overwhelm you. We're here to support you every step of the way. Start preparing for your future today!