State University Retirement System (SURS)



Eligible employees contribute approximately 8% of their gross earnings to SURS for retirement benefits.  The state of Illinois matches the employee contribution.  SURS provides a broad schedule of benefits in case of disability, death, retirement, and separation from service.  A detailed workbook, enrollment form, and other information will be sent directly to the employee from SURS.  An employee’s decision to enroll in either the Traditional, Portable, or Self-Managed plan depends on the types of benefits he/she wishes to receive in the future, as well as the amount of personal involvement in determining where and how contributions are invested.  The option choice governs the benefits available for an individual’s lifetime and cannot be changed or revoked.  

SURS participants may no longer be eligible to claim IRA contributions as an adjustment to gross taxable income on an individual’s federal income tax return.  Refer to the SURS homepage or a tax advisor for more information concerning the IRS rule.

SURS retirees are eligible to participate in the College Insurance Program provided by the State of Illinois.  More information about this plan is available by contacting SURS or Central Management Services.

Additional information regarding retirement eligibility and benefits can be obtained directly from the SURS website.

SURS also offers a supplemental (completely voluntary) employer-sponsored tax-favored retirement savings account.  Click here for more information.