Theater Scholarships

Olney Central College Theater is excited to offer 10 scholarships for students interested in performing arts.


Available to incoming and current Olney Central College students, these scholarships will now be offered each year. OCC Theater producer Jon Wright created the scholarship opportunity to help students be able to afford college as well as learn more about theater.

"We are so excited to be able to offer scholarships to students who have an interest in theater," said Wright. "This will allow us to go into local communities and financially assist students in their goals as they also contribute to OCC Theater. OCC is already an extremely affordable option for higher education, and when students are interested in being on stage or behind the scenes, we can make college even more affordable for them. We look at it as we are investing in them, and they are investing in us. They do not even need to major in theater. All they need to have is some ability, a good work ethic and dedication, and be willing to invest their time with us."

When asked why the scholarships were an important part of his overall vision for the future of OCC Theater, Wright discussed the significance of giving students a chance. “I come from the world of sports,” Wright reflected. “Signing a scholarship to play a sport at the collegiate level is a big deal. It is also a big deal when a student excels in music or theater and can receive a scholarship to continue their passion at the college level. We look forward to offering scholarships every year and to give students a chance to take that picture of them signing their scholarship offer with their families and teachers/directors.”

If you know a future student who would be interested in learning more about OCC Theater scholarships, please contact Jon Wright at or 618-395-7777, ext. 2408.