Returning students who have been absent for more than 2 years must reapply. Students who left in good standing, regarding both academic record and conduct record, will be admitted per the Open Admission Policy. At the college’s discretion it may be necessary for the student to complete all steps required for initial admission, if deemed in the best interest of the District and the student. Additionally, whether a student left in good standing or dismissed due to academic deficiency or misconduct, the following apply.

All returning students must:

  • Submit to Student Services all official transcripts from any institution attended during the absence from IECC; and

  • Reconcile with the Business Office any outstanding balance.  

Additional considerations for degree and certificate seeking students:

  • If away from IECC for an extended period, may be required to repeat courses in which content has changed significantly;
  • If returning after an absence of more than two years and previously enrolled in a career and technical certificate or degree program that has since been withdrawn, will be required to select a new program of study. (Click here for additional information on time to completion for withdrawn CTE programs).
  • If returning after an absence of more than 2 years, a new catalog term will be assigned - student must meet the requirements of program that are in effect at readmission.

Readmission by Petition
Students who have been dismissed from the college due to academic deficiency or misconduct may petition for readmission to the program or the college no sooner than one term following official notification of the dismissal. A Petition for Readmission form must be completed to begin the process.

Readmission will be granted only to those students who have the required ability and can show that their previous academic problems were due to extraordinary and compelling circumstances that adversely affected their progress. Unless waived by the college, petitioners must resubmit all the admission materials required in the first-time admission.

Petitions for readmission will be heard by the Academic Standards Committee. The petitioner may appear before the Committee if timely notice is given.

If the Committee denies the request for readmission, the petitioner may appeal for a rehearing before the president of the college. The appeal for a rehearing must show:

  1. There are new or extraordinary circumstances, not known by or available to the petitioner at the time of the original petition for readmission, which adversely and severely affected the petitioner's ability to meet the academic standards, or
  2. The procedures employed by the Committee failed to give the petitioner a fair hearing.

The decision of the president is final and is not subject to review.

Students, and in particular Allied Health students, should refer to their Program Handbooks for supplemental readmission information.