Associate in Science

What does your future look like?   

Does it include earning a Bachelor’s Degree?  Perhaps a Master’s Degree? Maybe you picture yourself climbing the ladder of success?  Whatever your plans may be, your educational journey can all begin at Frontier Community College.

Starting at FCC gives you the ability to work towards your goals and dreams without breaking the bank.  As higher education costs continue to rise, we take pride in offering one of the lowest tuition rates in the State of Illinois.  By earning your Associate’s Degree and then transferring to a university of your choice for a Bachelor’s Degree, it’s like getting two degrees for the price of one (or less!).

Just because you’re choosing affordability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality.  Regardless of which associate degree you choose to pursue, our transfer programs will equip you with general education requirements and successfully prepare you for a four-year institution.  Classes easily transfer, providing a smooth transition and keeping you on track towards your goals.

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On our campus (and even before you officially begin classes), we know your name and your educational pursuits.  Larger universities and colleges may see you as a file in their system.  At Frontier, we strive to provide not only quality education but also personalized customer service.  In our Student Services office, each of our departments is available to assist you at any time and answer all of your questions.  Our academic advisors will help you plan each semester with your educational and career goals in mind.  We love to see our students succeed while you’re on campus and even after you move forward to the next chapter in life.

At Frontier, the average class size is ten.  This means you get to know each of your classmates and develop friendships on campus.  With smaller class sizes, our instructors have the opportunity to know and care about each student.  FCC faculty also provide one-on-one support to help you succeed and retain the subject knowledge.  This personal interaction allows for not only better instruction and learning opportunities but also better communication as a whole between the instructor and student.


Who says you can’t work towards your major before you transfer?  If you have a field of study in mind, you have the opportunity to add specialized classes and electives to your schedule.  This allows you to begin working towards a college major while completing courses in the areas of mathematics, communications, and humanities.

Several of our elective classes provide students with job shadowing or projects and assignments that provide early exposure to career interests.  Education-focused classes, for example, include teaching observation hours that would allow a student to see firsthand a teaching career and classroom environment.

As a student at Frontier, you truly have the freedom to create a class schedule according to your needs and educational and career interests.  Below are some specialized classes and electives that may fall under your chosen area of study:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Intro to Teaching
  • Intro to Business
  • Educating Exceptional Children
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Intro to Medical Terminology
  • Nutrition and Food Selection
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Abnormal Psychology


Start here. Go anywhere!  Take the next step in planning your future and make an appointment with one of our academic advisors.  Please call Frontier Community College at 618-842-3711 or email