Automotive Technology


Curious about Automotive Technology? Have questions about the program? You're not alone. Open the boxes below to find answers to the questions we receive most frequently about the program.

No, and this is a major benefit for students joining the program.  Tools will be available for students to use during their time in the program.  However, it is suggested that students begin building a toolset so they are prepared for a job after graduating.  FCC has a partnership with Snap-on, and students can purchase tools at a significant discount while enrolled in the program.

This is the only automotive program in Southern Illinois that does not require a student to purchase textbooks.  At FCC, students rent their textbooks from the college bookstore for the duration of the class, providing significant savings.

No.  ASE certification is handled by an outside organization, as no automotive program can certify you.  However, you will develop the skills and knowledge to pass the ASE tests so you can become a certified technician.

The instructor for this program says there is about a 40/60 mix of classroom instruction and lab training, respectively.  Knowledge for this program is important, but hands-on experience is critical to preparing for the job.

The program has several vehicles in the lab that are used for training, but the instructor also relies on outside vehicles for additional experience.  If your vehicle requires service and provides the needed experience to students, it is welcome in the lab.  The instructor will handle the arrangements.

The ASE accrediting members are always monitoring the industry and adapting accreditation guidelines to reflect those changes.  Because FCC’s program is Master ASE certified, it must always implement these changes and ensure students are taught the latest improvements and training methods on the newest equipment.

Our graduates have much success in the automotive industry.  The industry has a shortage of qualified technicians, so a graduate with the right skills and knowledge will always be in-demand.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2019 median pay for automotive technicians was $42,000.