Automotive Technology


Rodney Maxey - Assistant Professor

Rodney Maxey is a Master Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified instructor for the Automotive Technology program at Frontier Community College.  He is also certified in L1 ASE (Advanced Engine Performance) and G1 ASE (Maintenance and Light Repair).

Maxey has been an automotive instructor since 1990 and continues to adapt to the latest improvements and developments in the field.  His teaching career began at Moog Automotive (St. Louis, MO), where he taught professional technicians at its world-class training center.  He then became the instructor for the automotive program at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

In 2003, Maxey was hired to start the Automotive Technology program at Frontier Community College.  Handed an empty building (Workforce Development Center) on campus, he was asked to create a successful program.  In time, Maxey obtained the necessary equipment, acquired tools, and prepared the curriculum.  Nearly two decades later, the program is Master ASE accredited and has been nationally recognized as the best automotive trade school by value (Trade School Future, 2019).  “It was worth the challenge,” Maxey says when asked about his journey in developing the program.

Maxey holds three college degrees from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale:

  • Associate in Applied Science - Automotive Technology
  • Bachelor of Science – Advanced Technology Studies
  • Master of Science – Workforce Education