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Mechanics must master the machines they work on, and automotive training programs should teach you how to diagnose and repair everything from the brakes and the transmissions, to the engines and the axles. Olney Central College's automotive program focuses on these principles to produce highly-qualified experts in the field. 

Automotive Service Technology Degree

AST Degree Curriculum

OCC's Automotive Service Technology Program offers exciting careers and unlimited opportunities. Students learn how to diagnose and repair today’s high-tech vehicles, with a major focus in hands-on learning. We are constantly updating our curriculum to stay current with the latest developments in our industry.

If you’re hoping to stand out in your job search, having a degree on your resume could significantly improve your chances of getting a good job. Formal training and a degree validates your skills and shows you have a well-rounded, deep understanding of vehicle technology.

Hands-on Learning

The program utilizes hybrid courses, also known as blended courses, to replace a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction with web-based online learning. Online instruction can include video lectures, discussions and other related activities. This allows us to use the time students are on campus for focused hands-on learning in the lab. To assist in this effort, we have introduced Electude, our new Learning Management System.

The program is replacing traditional textbooks with this online learning software based on gaming principles. A majority of automotive students are visual and kinesthetic learners and Electude E-Learning is designed specifically with these students in mind as it lets them learn by doing.

The software includes more than 500 lessons. Each features interactive animations and simulations, which enable learners to practice skills before they enter the shop. The software also aids students in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Upon graduation, students who have met the requirements in each automotive course, will be eligible to complete one official ASE Certification test at no cost.

ASE is an independent, non-profit organization. Since 1972, it has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying repair and service professionals.

More than 350,000 professionals across the country choose to show their knowledge in the field by earning the ASE Blue Seal Certification — a benefit to their customers as well as themselves.

The automotive field is always growing and changing. If the auto service industry is for you, commitment to lifelong learning is a must.

Continuing your education after Olney Central College’s Automotive Service Technology Program is now easier than ever. Our articulation agreement with Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, enables graduates to easily transfer into SIU's Automotive Technology Program and complete a bachelor's degree.


Automotive Service Technology Certificates

In addition to the two-year associate degree, the Automotive Service Technology Program provides specialized automotive certificates that are either stand‐alone programs or serve as ladders to the degree program.

Automotive Service Technology I Curriculum

Automotive Service Technology II Curriculum

The certificates are either stand‐alone programs or can serve as ladders to the degree program.

Auto Maintenance & Repair Curriculum

The Auto Maintenance & Repair Certificate is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level position in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.

This certificate will assist with entry-level positions such as automotive service technicians, service managers and automotive small business owners. Opportunities also are available to work in home and auto supply stores as well as automotive rental/leasing companies.

Automotive Repair Technician Curriculum

The Automotive Repair Technician Certificate is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level position in the automotive repair industry.

This certificate will assist with entry-level automotive positions such as automotive service technicians, parts managers, service managers and automotive small business owners. Other opportunities include working for home and auto supply stores and automotive rental/leasing companies.

Light Vehicle Diesel Service Curriculum

The Light Vehicle Diesel Service Certificate provides students with practical, real‐world coverage of topics they will use in the workplace. The diesel courses will provide the most current, relevant, and practical information concerning a new generation of light‐duty diesel engines. The certificate takes a comprehensive look at all the newest diesel engine systems from the air intake to fuel injection, cooling, lubrication, and exhaust systems.

While enrolled in the OCC Automotive Service Technology Program, students are offered the Light Vehicle Diesel Service Certificate. The certificate is designed to address the growing popularity of light duty diesel engines. The courses help meet the educational requirements of automotive technicians servicing this new generation of engine.


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