Transfer Credit to IECC

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You may be closer to that degree than you first thought! Credit earned at post-secondary institutions outside IECC, prior to (or even after leaving), will be considered for academic credit via an evaluative process.  

Evaluation of Transfer Credit
As part of both the admission process and the reverse transfer of credit process, students are required to supply IECC with all official transcripts from other colleges. Upon receipt of the student’s transcript(s), the registrar (or designee) will perform an evaluation to determine:

  • For a newly admitted student. The acceptance of credit toward the degree or certificate program chosen by the student; or

  • For a former IECC student currently enrolled at an Illinois university and participating in the reverse transfer of credit process. The acceptance of credit toward the associate degree identified by the student. (See more on reverse transfer below.)

Acceptance of Transfer Credit
Transfer credit will be accepted based on the following criteria. (As necessary, the registrar will consult with the deans of instruction and/or others to assist in making a determination of acceptance.)

  1. The credit was received from a post-secondary institution accredited (and in good standing) by an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education;

  2. The credit is appropriate for the student’s degree or certificate program;

  3. The course was completed with a “D” or better or a “P”. NOTE: For a transcript indicating a cumulative GPA of less than “C”, only credit will be considered for those courses which have a grade of “C” or better;

  4. The course can be verified as:

    A.  an IAI course (completed summer term 1998 or after); or
    B.  commensurate with similar IECC courses with respect to to academic content, rigor, scope, and relevance.
         >  for conflicting number of credit hours, the credit hours listed on the transcript will be used.   
         >  if there is no equivalent course, the credit may be accepted as undistributed credit and applied toward elective credit. 

Courses Not Accepted for Credit  
Transfer credit will not be accepted for the following courses:

  1. Developmental/remedial. It will, however, be acknowledged for placement purposes.

  2. Orientation.

  3. English as a Second Language.

Additional Information

  1. Transfer credit will not be included in calculating the student’s cumulative grade point average.

  2. Transfer credit earned in quarter hours will be converted to semester hours by multiplying the quarter hours by .667. 

  3. The maximum transfer credit hours that will be accepted by IECC is sixty-four (64).

  4. Per IECC’s Graduation Requirements Policy 500.38, students must earn a minimum number of college-level credits from coursework at IECC in order to graduate.   

  5. Transfer credit will appear on the student’s IECC transcript as a notation with the total number of hours accepted.

Results of the transcript evaluation are entered into the Student Management System in a timely manner for immediate display on the student transcript. Official transcripts and signed Transfer Credit Evaluation Forms become part of the student’s academic record and retained in the student’s file.

Students with questions or concerns regarding acceptance of courses for credit should contact the Registrar’s office for more information or to file an appeal.


Earn your Associate Degree after you leave: More on Reverse Transfer of Credit

Students who transfer from IECC to another college prior to completing an associate degree have an opportunity to earn that degree through the reverse transfer process.* 

Transferring credit back to IECC in order to fulfill requirements for a degree has its benefits:

  • Students are able to achieve a degree while also progressing toward their baccalaureate.
  • Students gain a marketable credential.
  • It improves internship and employment opportunities.
  • It can increase earning potential.
  • It signifies the student has completed general education requirements which secures a GECC Credential as well as the associate degree.

The process is quick, easy, and the costs minimal. Within 30 days of receiving all required documents, IECC will perform the evaluation and notify the student and the Illinois university of the outcome. When the outcome results in awarding an associate degree, IECC will update the student’s academic record accordingly and submit the student’s transcript to the Illinois university.  

*To be eligible for consideration for reverse transfer of credit, students must be enrolled in an Illinois university. Click on the school below to learn how to apply.

Chicago State University

Eastern Illinois University

Governors State University 

Illinois State University

Northeastern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

University of Illinois Chicago

University of Illinois Springfield

University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign

Western Illinois University