Panda Pros Canvas Training


Instructure Panda Pros Sessions for Fall Start

Instructure will be offering Panda Pros sessions to teachers and admins during fall start again this year! Instructure Panda Pros will include free 45-minute coaching sessions for individuals from 9AM to 6PM MT every day from July 31 - September 30. Teachers or Admins can sign up for these sessions to ask questions from Instructure experts!

Because the coaching session timeframe is 45 minutes, it helps to come prepared with specific questions and to share them in advance in the signup form. In addition to time with a Panda Pro during the session, participants will leave with helpful resource docs related to their questions. Participants are also eligible to get a super cool Panda Pros t-shirt. This year we will also be offering a weekly webinar called “Dear Panda Pros” where Panda Pros will cover common Canvas & Mastery topics for educators. These sessions will be great for those who want a group setting or who may not find a 1:1 time slot that works for them.

Link to join: