Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Info

(Consumer Information Disclosure)

In accordance with Illinois Public Act 099-0278, IECC ensures that at or near the time an incoming student enrolls, s/he is provided the opportunity to authorize (in writing) the disclosure of certain private mental health information to a designated person. 

Can I Designate Anyone I Want?
Yes, as long as the designee is over the age of 18.      

How Do I Designate Someone? 
Simply complete a Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information form and submit to Student Records at the primary college of attendance. This form will remain on file for one academic year and, if desired, must be renewed annually during the first 2 weeks of fall semester. 

Under What Circumstances Would "My Person" be Contacted?
In the event that a physician, clinical psychologist, or qualified examiner, who is employed by IECC, makes a determination that a student poses a clear danger to themselves or others, the designated person will be contacted. Contact will be attempted as soon as practicable and within 24 hours after determining there is a danger.   

It's important to note that, under 34 CFR Part 99.31 of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), IECC is authorized to release personally identifiable information contained in education records, without the student's consent, to appropriate parties when a health or safety emergency warrants disclosure. The authorization form provided above is considered an education record, and as such, could be released to others in an emergency situation. More on IECC's FERPA policy can be found here.