Administration & Faculty

The IECC/OCC Program is led by a dedicated administration team, supported by experienced staff and skilled instructors. Together, they provide high-quality education and training, ensuring students are well-prepared for successful careers in nursing.


Dr. Alani Frederick, DNP, RN, PCCN, CNE
Dean of Health Professions
618-395-7777 Ext. 2136 

Melissa Hines
Administrative Assistant to Dean of Health Professions
618-395-7777, Ext. 2137   

Cathy Ile, RN
Allied Health Program Facilitator
618-262-8641, Ext. 3398

Megan Bunnage, MSN, RN
618-262-8641, Ext 3557

Becky Coleman, MSN, RN
618-395-7777, Ext. 2248

Cheryl Dill, MSN, RN
Associate Professor
618-395-7777, Ext. 2240

Pauletta Gullett, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
618-544-8657, Ext. 1133

Dr. Anne Hustad, DNP, MSN, RN, CSN, CNE
Department Head of Nursing/Professor
618-395-7777, Ext. 2291

Kristi Isaac MBA, MSN, RN
618-262-8641, Ext. 3436

Juliana James, MSN, RN
618-842-3711, Ext 4523

Laurie Jenkins, APN, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
618-544-8657, Ext. 1109

Vanessa Lowe, MSN, RN
618-262-8641, Ext. 3559

Clare Roosevelt, MSN, RN
618-262-8641, Ext. 3556

Dr. Tracy Smith DNP, RN
Department Head of Nursing/Instructor  
618-262-8641, Ext. 3438 

Shirley Smithenry, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor
618-395-7777, Ext. 2253

Angie Williams, MSN, RN
Department Head of Nursing/Associate Professor
618-544-8657, Ext. 1155