The Arts at Lincoln Trail College strives to foster creativity and collaboration by providing opportunities for artistic expression in all forms – music, theater, art, and more – in the classroom and throughout the community. We offer several performances and events each year both on and off campus. View the LTC Calendar of Events

The Community Arts School at Lincoln Trail College enables students of all ages and levels to receive instruction from a dedicated faculty. Students receive access to Lackey Hall practice rooms and resources, and all students will have the opportunity to perform in an end-of-semester recital. Lessons typically begin during the second week of classes each semester with one lesson per week (view Academic Calendar). Lessons will be scheduled based on instructor and student availability. Tuition for 14 lessons and the recital is $200 per semester. 

LTC has a longstanding tradition of providing arts programming and education to members of the surrounding communities. Become a part of this proud tradition – contact us today!