IECC Celebrates Constitution Day

Sep 16, 2022

Constitution Day is Saturday, September 17, 2022 ( Illinois Eastern Community Colleges will recognize the day on Friday, September 16th in the following manners:
Frontier Community College- The Learning Resource Center (LRC) and Student Senate are hosting an essay-writing contest for all Wayne County students in the 7th and 8th grades.  The essay is to be 300-500 words on “The U.S. Constitution – What It Says and What It Means.”  Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries based on a rubric created by the LRC and Student Senate.  All essays are due to the LRC by September 17, and the winners will be announced the following week.  Robert Tennyson will be on hand to register voters.  Throughout the day, the Marketing Department will record students answering trivia questions related to the Constitution.  A video will then be created and uploaded to the FCC website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.  The LRC will have a Constitution Day display and distribute free copies of the U.S. Constitution booklet.
Lincoln Trail College- LTC will have a display in the library hall of the Constitution, with Constitution booklets for student to pick up. We will have our red, white, and blue decorations up. There will be copies of the US Government, Citizenship and Civics test for graduation which students can take to work on at their leisure; answers sheets will be available in the library. We will have a playing on the library TV during the day 
Also, we will be asking everyone to wear their red, white and blue that day. 
Olney Central College- OCC will celebrate with an exhibit in the Anderson Library and free booklets of the Constitution available to students.  “Creating the Constitution” will be played on monitors in the Library gallery and the campus hallways during the week before and after Constitution Day.
Wabash Valley College-Wabash Valley College will have a Constitution Day display prominently featured in the Learning Resource Center.  Copies of the U.S. Constitution booklet will be available to students.
District Office- On Friday, September 16th the District Office will be participating in some Constitutional Trivia along with other fun games like “name the founding father” while enjoying some patriotic refreshments. 
To learn more about the Constitution visit: The National Constitution Center at, Fascinating Facts at, or Constitution Day at