Educator Excellence Badging

Exciting Badging Opportunities!

Get recognized for your educator excellence!

By completing the IECC Orientation course, TIER 1 - EDU 1600, and TIER 2 - EDU 1605, you can earn the prestigious Educator Excellence Badge and unlock TIER 3 of training.

To achieve the Educator Excellence Badge, adjunct instructors must:

  1. Choose an upcoming course to be evaluated within 12 months of satisfactorily completing the TIER 1 - EDU 1600 and TIER 2 - EDU 1605 coursework.
  2. Use the Educator Excellence form to request a course evaluation date and time.
  3. Complete and submit the Self-Evaluation form by emailing it to Make sure to download and save the Self-Evaluation .PDF document to your personal computer before completion.
  4. Coordinate the evaluation date collaboratively with CETL and the adjunct instructor.

Click HERE to download the Self-Evaluation form.

Click HERE to download the Quality Matters Standards Rubric.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your educator excellence! Earn the Educator Excellence Badge and take your teaching to new heights.

Start your journey towards educational excellence today!