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First-Year Student Housing Policy

***** IECC's first-year housing policy becomes effective fall term 2024 *****

IECC is committed to fostering student success and providing a supportive and engaging learning environment. Research demonstrates the numerous positive effects of college-affiliated living, including improved academic performance, enhanced satisfaction with faculty, and a stronger sense of student community. The structured living arrangements offered by college-affiliated housing also aid in student maturation and prepare them for independent living in the future.

In consideration of the benefits of college-affiliated residency, beginning with the fall 2024 term, IECC will require all full-time non-resident first-year students to reside in college-affiliated housing unless an exemption applies.   

Exemptions to the Housing Requirement

  1. Students who have been residents of District 529 for at least one calendar year prior to the start of the academic term. 

  2. Students who reside within a 60-mile radius of the College at their parent's or legal guardian's permanent address (verification may be required).

  3. Students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours.

  4. Students exclusively enrolled in online courses each semester.

  5. Students aged 21 or older at the start of the academic term.

  6. Students living with a spouse or qualifying domestic partner.

  7. Students living with their legal dependents.

  8. Veterans of the U.S. military (submission of DD214 may be required).

  9. Students who have previously lived in college-affiliated housing for two semesters or earned at least 30 credit hours (excluding dual credit) with IECC or another post-secondary institution.

  10. Students with documented medical needs which cannot be accommodated in available college-affiliated housing.

  11. Other as exempted by the Registrar.*

* To request a housing exemption, (for reasons other than those identified in 1-10 above): complete this request form, include any supporting documentation, and submit to the Registrar. Requests must be submitted by July 1 for fall enrollment and December 1 for spring enrollment. 

Please check back later for a complete list of college-affiliated housing.