New IECC Organizational Charts

These new IECC organizational charts will shape and guide our work beginning July 1, 2024.

While we believe these charts are a solid beginning, we acknowledge the importance of seeking input and suggestions from our employees. This year has been identified as the “Look and Listen Tour.” Therefore, over the coming year, the Vice Chancellors and District Leadership will engage in discussions with college employees not only to share our vision and goals for the new divisions, but also to explore the intricacies of roles, connections, and collaborations both within and beyond each division.

The goal of the “Look and Listen Tour” is to provide employees an opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, and actively participate in our collective growth. These meetings are designed to allow divisions to meet with their Vice Chancellors and collaborate together as a team. We recognize that hidden opportunities and unforeseen challenges lie ahead as we continue to look for the best ways to deliver exceptional education and services to our students. Every member of the IECC family is encouraged to actively participate in the discussions ahead, ensuring their voice is heard, and ensuring we work together to optimally serve our students and communities.

Please view the upcoming “Look and Listen Tour” dates:


To navigate through the charts, click the left and right arrows. To return to the previously viewed chart, click the organizational structure image in the upper right corner. Click on specific positions to expand their organizational levels. Positions without a name are currently open and/or unassigned.

*Please note, these charts represent full-time employee positions only.

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