Defensive Driving

This defensive driving course consists of training audiovisuals to support each session, a student’s handbook and graphically dramatic PowerPoint presentation, plus a variety of other training materials. 

The course is conducted in one, four-hour classroom session. The major points stressed are the importance of restraints, the dangers of speeding, the results of aggressive driving, and the effects of alcohol and drugs. 
The course is designed to meet the needs of various audiences, such as: 


  • Court referrals: drivers required to attend a defensive driving course. 

  • Corporations: employees driving company vehicles and other key personnel. 

  • General Public: concerned citizens who want to improve their driving safety. 

All successful participants’ National Safety Council Certificate of Completion, will be mailed within 10 business days of course completion. Additional photocopies of this certificate will be $1 each. Original NSC certificates can be replaced at a cost of $10.

For more information, please call: 
(618) 544-8657 Ext. 1950.

Course Content

Lesson 1-1 Course Introduction
Lesson 1-2 What’s in Our Control
Lesson 1-3 What Can Happen
Lesson 1-4 Defensive Driving and Collision Prevention
Lesson 1-5 Occupant Safety and Vehicle Safety Mechanisms

Lesson 2-1 Sharing the Road
Lesson 2-2 Hazard Recognition and the “What If?” Strategy
Lesson 2-3 Deadly Choice: Speeding
Lesson 2-4 Aggressive Driving and Road Rage
Lesson 2-5 Deadly Choice: Following too Closely

Lesson 3-1 Deadly Choice: Distracted Driving
Lesson 3-2 Deadly Choices: Vehicle and Lane Management
Lesson 3-3 Substance Impairment

Lesson 4-1 Drowsy Driving
Lesson 4-2 Recognize the Hazard and Make the Right Choice
Lesson 4-3 My Driving Habits and Alternative Choices
Lesson 4-4 My Plan

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