2022-2023 Catalog Addendum

July 2022

  • Updated Appendix F, FERPA Policy 500.11, under Rights of Students (C.1.)  to remove text regarding holding records. (p. 285) Per July Board approval.

  • Updated Withdrawal Policy to include Return of Unearned Tuition Assistance as a Related Policy. (p. 25) Per July Board approval

August 2022

  • Removed (due to inactivation) LTC’s Computer Security & Forensics certificate (MSS C239) effective 1/1/2023. Deleted from programs (p. 93), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 70), and program index (p. 292).

  • Removed (due to inactivation) WVC’s Shooting Range Safety Officer certificate (FST C574) effective 1/1/2023. Deleted from programs (p. 140), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 71), and program index (p. 293).

  • Revised Physical Therapist Assistant pages (Intro, p. 63 and CAPTE, p. 64) to reflect the updated WVC PTA program’s Accreditation status statement. Effective 8-16-2022 per CAPTE

September 2022

October 2022

January 2023

  • Updated Adult Education to reflect new terminology when referencing the former Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate - replaced by the State of Illinois High School Diploma. This is per Illinois legislation effective 1/1/2023. (p. 39)

  • Replaced the Board Secretary position vacated by Renee Smith 7-2022 with Sonja Music per January Board approval. (p. 9)

  • Replaced the Board of Trustees position vacated by Brady Waldrop 12-2022 with Susan Batchelor per January Board approval. (p. 8)

  • Updated Student Placement and Testing to include English as Second Language courses as part of the placement process per January Board approval of revised Policy 500.13. (p. 17)

  • New IAI GECC courses (LSC 1108 and LSC 1109) approved - updated list of IAI GECC Courses and 3 Transfer Outlines (pp. 53-56). Effective date is 8/15/2022.

  • Updated Certified Medical Assistant (MEDA D292) and Medical Assistant (MEDA C192) to include text related to completing all courses with a 2.0 min. cumulative GPA to qualify for internships. Effective Summer 2023. (pp. 122-123)

February 2023

  • Updated Financial Information to reflect Tuition rate increases per February Board approval. (p. 42) Effective Summer 2023 term.
  • Removed (due to inactivation) WVC’s Educational Leadership certificate (LDSHP C248) effective 6/1/2023. Deleted from programs (p. 99), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 70), and program index.

March 2023

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023