2021-2022 Catalog Addendum

August 2021 Revisions

  • Removed The Honors Program; to be re-evaluated by the deans of instruction for enhancements. Per August 2021 CAO Council of Deans Meeting. (p. 27)

September 2021 Revisions

  • Added information pertaining to the Campus Security Report, and a link to the report, to Campus Safety and Security Policy (500.17). (p. 32)

October 2021 Revisions

  • Replaced Academic Progress and Academic Probation with Academic Standing based on new procedure 500.20, approved by Cabinet 10-6-2021. (p. 26)  Note: The new Academic Warning classification and Academic Success Plans will be effective beginning July 1, 2022. 

  • Added Class Attendance (taking information previously included within Academic Progress).

  • Revised Sex Offender Registration based on an update to the Policy (100.36) per October Board approval. (p. 32)

  • Revised Student Code of Conduct heading to Student Conduct Policy (500.8) to broaden the scope of the information provided to include text from the policy clarifying a student’s responsibility to obey all rules and regulations published in various media. Policy 500.8 updated per October Board approval. (p. 33)

  • Revised Appendix J – Tobacco-free/Smoke-free Campus Policy (100.15) to reference the Student Code of Conduct as it relates to violations by students and resulting sanctions, per October Board approval. (p. 288)

  • The following programs will now be offered by FCC (effective Fall 2021) and withdrawn from WVC (effective Spring 2022): Coal Mining Maintenance I (CMM1 C505), Mine Electrical Maintenance III (CMT C296), Coal Mining Technology (CMT C297), Coal Mining Technology (CMT D295). Revised List of Programs in front of catalog, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 64), and the 4 program pages (pp. 87-88) accordingly.

  • Corrected Financial Information; added AUM 1270 at $25 per course for Collision Repair. This course fee was previously approved/noted for Auto Mechanics and should also be identified as a fee for the Collision Repair program. (p. 39)  

November 2021 Revisions

January 2022 Revisions

  • Revised Associate in General Studies (AGS D595) to remove the acceptance of 1.6 (vocational) courses as satisfying requirements in the Area of Concentration and Elective Coursework. This change aligns with the current ICCB Program Approval Manual, was approved by the CAO Council of Deans on December 8, 2021, and will be effective Spring 2022. (p. 55)  

  • Due to recent legislative changes, updated Admission Procedures (p. 14) and Student Enrollment and Registration Checklist (p. 19) to clarify that the submission of standardized test scores is optional. Effective 1/1/2022.

  • Merged policy 500.26 (Policy for Credit Equivalency by Licensure, Certification, Military Experience, or State Seal of Biliteracy with policy 500.5 (Credit by Examination) to form policy 500.5 Credit for Prior Learning (p. 22 and appendix C, p.274). Per ICCB Rules, several updates were made and/or processes clarified. Additionally, a new process for earning credit, Portfolio Evaluation, was created and included. As a result of the merger and thorough review of IECC’s credit for prior learning practices, it was determined Proficiency Examination results would no longer be computed in a student’s GPA – this required a change to the Grade/Grade Suffix Legend (p. 22). Procedure changes were approved by Cabinet 1/12/2022; Policy changes approved by the Board 1/18/2022, Effective date 7/1/2022.  

  • Removed (due to inactivation) WVC's Advanced Machining (MANUF C557) effective 6/1/2022. Deleted from programs (p. 71), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 65), and program index (p. 290).

February 2022 Revisions

  • Removed (due to inactivation) WVC's Parenting (PARNT C356) effective 6/1/2022. Deleted from programs (p. 129), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 64), and program index (p. 291).

  • Removed (due to inactivation) from LTC and OCC only, Entrepreneurship (ENT C182) effective 6/1/2022. Updated program page (p. 99) to reflect available at WVC only; removed from LTC and OCC certificate listings on front inside cover; removed LTC and OCC from the CTE and Career Clusters for Entrepreneurship (p. 64).

  • Updated the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar (for the 2023 Summer Session) to reflect adjustments necessary due to the addition of the Juneteenth holiday last year. (p. 7)

March 2022 Revisions

  • Updated Withdrawal Policy (500.30) per 3-2-2022 Cabinet approval (procedure and policy) and 3-15-2022 Board Approval (policy). (pp. 25-26); updated Class Attendance (reference Oct 2021 addendum) to remove reference to instructors making recommendations to dropping students (AW for absences was stricken from the  Withdrawal Procedure proposal and consequently approved without it).

  • Added Roger Browning to Board of Trustees (replacing Alan Henager). Appointed by BOT 3-15-2022. (p. 7)

  • Added a new International Program fee for transportation, making the fee 2-tiered (minimum and maximum). Approved by Board 3-15-2022. (p. 40)

April 2022 Revisions

  • Updated Grades and Grading System (500.35) by removing 3 obsolete grade suffixes (N – Competency Based Course, R – Repeat, and S – Set Aside) from the grading table and correcting 2 of the referenced form titles per Cabinet approval 4-6-2022.  (pp. 22-24)

  • Updated Course Repeat Policy (500.4) to better clarify the provisions and results, per April Board approval. (p. 25)

  • Removed (due to inactivation) FCC’s Paramedicine (PARA D411) and Paramedic (PARA C412) programs effective 6/1/2022. Deleted from programs (p. 127), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 65), and program index (p. 291).

May 2022 Revisions

June 2022 Revisions

  • As a result of Public Act 102-0998 (effective 5/27/2022), revised Transcript Requests to: 1) allow the release of unofficial transcripts regardless of an outstanding debt owed IECC by student. 2) allow the release of official transcripts to a current or potential employer (only) regardless of an outstanding debt owed IECC by student. (p.27)

  • Updated Allied Health, Associate Degree In Nursing, Articulation and Educational Mobility, to reflect the new url for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website. (p. 55) Effective 6/14/2022