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President's Message

Welcome to Wabash Valley College!

I’m excited you’ve chosen WVC as your institution of higher education. This is an excellent place to begin a four-year degree or learn an occupation through a two-year degree. At no time in history has the importance of a quality education been so evident.

As boundaries that have separated nations, cultures and individuals continue to dissolve, the role of education has become vital in equipping students for the changes and challenges that lie ahead. We at Wabash Valley College understand that building a firm educational foundation that meets the demands of our world requires the teamwork of many people, agencies and organizations.

Wabash Valley College works closely with area agencies, institutions and organizations to improve the learning opportunities afforded to our students. They provide our students opportunities to put principle into practice in a wide variety of professional settings. These hands-on opportunities allow our students to discover who they are and what they are truly passionate about doing in life.

These opportunities help to prepare our students to meet the demands of their careers by acquainting them with issues and situations they will face in their future endeavors. Our graduates are respected for the superior quality of their preparation and performance, and the alumni of Wabash Valley College are justifiably proud of their college.

While we honor and build upon the tradition of excellence at Wabash Valley College, we will provide a future of countless opportunities for all. I invite you to experience Wabash Valley College this year.

I am thrilled to be a part of Wabash Valley College. I know you will be, too.


Dr. Matt Fowler