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At Wabash Valley College, our ability to offer exceptional and accessible education, pursue innovative ventures, focus on student learning, and elevate the importance of higher education in our community is made possible by the generosity of our donors. While we remain committed to our traditional strengths of serving our students and the public, we are also embracing a future driven by continuous improvement, marked by increasing distinction and unwavering ambition.

Our remarkable future is build upon leadership, volunteer support, experience, financial contributions, and knowledge of our WVC Alumni. Many of them have generously shared their time and expertise by mentoring students, giving presentations in classes, and actively participating in programs and events, all of which are indispensable to our growth and ongoing success here at Wabash Valley College. We hope you will partner with us in that endeavor.

If you're considering a donation to the WVC Foundation, you can reach out to the Wabash Valley College Administration/Foundation building at 618-262-8641. For those who prefer making contributions through debit/credit card or bank accounts, please visit https://app.autobooks.co/pay/wab-valley-college-foundation

It's important to note that your gift to the WVC Foundation not only supports the education and future of numerous students at Wabash Valley College but  may also qualify as a tax write-off. Your support is greatly appreciated!