Put Me In, Coach

Aug 16, 2023

Wabash Valley College is experiencing a powerful transformation with the addition of three remarkable coaches who are poised to reshape the athletic landscape. The college has proudly welcomed Terrance McGee, Rachel Refenes, and Jade Montgomery, each bringing unique experiences, expertise, and a shared passion for excellence to their respective teams.


Terrance McGee, a seasoned basketball player and coach, has been appointed as the new head men's basketball coach at Wabash Valley College. His impressive track record as a player and mentor ensures a dynamic future for the Warrior basketball program. McGee's commitment to building a culture of excellence on and off the court aligns seamlessly with WVC's values. McGee's coaching journey includes roles at SIU-Edwardsville and Milwaukee Panthers, and his contributions to SIU-Carbondale's recruiting efforts were instrumental in a remarkable 22-win season. With a focus on daily competition and rigorous preparation, McGee aims to equip his players to face any challenge head-on, forging a team that's ready to conquer any opponent.


Rachel Refenes, a coach with NCAA Division I experience and a professional playing background, has taken the helm as the head volleyball coach at Wabash Valley College. Her dedication to empowering athletes to excel in both athletics and academics is setting a new standard for the Warrior volleyball program. Refenes' impactful coaching journey spans Binghamton University, Rutgers University, and a successful tenure at Lehigh Carbon Community College. Refenes' deep understanding of the game is rooted in her experience as a standout player at Ball State, where she earned all-conference honors and an honorable mention NCAA All-American distinction. Her passion for fostering a positive experience for her players aligns seamlessly with WVC's commitment to holistic development, ensuring that Warrior volleyball players thrive both on and off the court.


Jade Montgomery's triumphant return to Wabash Valley College as an esteemed coach marks a full-circle journey of excellence. Having played two impactful years at WVC, including a standout sophomore season that earned her 3rd team All-American recognition, Montgomery's connection to the college runs deep. After continuing her career at Eastern Illinois University, her path came full circle when she joined Wabash Valley's coaching staff in August of 2022. In a remarkable turn of events, Montgomery assumed the role of interim head coach for the spring season, showcasing her leadership and coaching prowess. Her dedication to her alma mater's softball program is undeniable, and her recent appointment as the new Softball Head Coach solidifies her role as a driving force behind the team's success.


The triumvirate of Terrance McGee, Rachel Refenes, and Jade Montgomery represents a new dawn for Wabash Valley College athletics. As each coach brings their distinct expertise and unwavering dedication to their teams, a shared vision of fostering excellence, character, and resilience unites them. Together, they are shaping a legacy of achievement, mentorship, and empowerment, propelling Wabash Valley's athletes toward greater heights on and off the field.