New Student Orientation

WVC Orientation
Jun 07, 2023

Wabash Valley College is excited to announce its upcoming New Student Orientation, set to take place on August 16th. The event is designed to welcome new students to the campus community and provide them with important information about the resources and services available to them.

One of the key features of Wabash Valley College's New Student Orientation is that it is open to all new students, not just freshmen. The college understands that many of its students are returning to school looking for a career change or have taken classes before, some on other campuses. The orientation will highlight services and specific resources and people on campus who can help these students.

The event will begin with registration at 8:30 AM and conclude at 1:00 PM. During this time, students will have the opportunity to:

  • See campus and classrooms.
  • Learn about the free online tutoring and mental health services offered from anywhere at anytime
  • Enjoy free lunch
  • Meet faculty and staff
  • Visit financial aid/business offices
  • Tackle technical difficulties
  • Learn how to be successful in college
  • Purchase last-minute books or swag
  • Network with current and incoming students
  • Win prizes
  • Make any necessary schedule changes
  • Learn about community businesses/organizations

"We are thrilled to welcome our new students to Wabash Valley College and help them get started on their college journey," said Wabash Valley College President, Dr. Matt Fowler. "Our New Student Orientation is designed to give students the tools and resources they need to succeed, whether they are just starting college or returning to school after some time away."

Wabash Valley College encourages all new students to attend the New Student Orientation on August 16th to get a head start on their college experience. For more information about the event, please contact the college at 618-262-8641.