Business Management & Entrepreneurship


Students in the business management & entrepreneurship program learn about and explore various business and entrepreneurial career opportunities. Students in this program learn the aspects, behaviors and skills necessary to work successfully in business operation environments in small or large companies or as an entrepreneur opening a business. 

The importance of team development, customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and problem solving is emphasized throughout the program. Business management students will also receive college credit and pay for on-the-job occupational experience while working in a business-related field during two semesters.

Throughout the program, a wide variety of topics are covered, and common misconceptions of what makes a successful business are identified, explored, explained, and understood.


Business management students will explore topics such as: supervising employees, working in organized team environments, leading a department or group, problem solving business situations, providing authentic customer service, achieving customer satisfaction, communicating in the business environment, finding and hiring good help, understand buyer motivation, understanding supply and demand in a capitalistic economy, selling using a customer-focused process, identifying needed products and services, understanding proper management motivation techniques in various situations and more.

Occupations across the job market depend on business processes and people understanding those processes to survive. Online, in-person and service businesses all have the need to satisfy customer expectations.

Often people assume these techniques and skills are common sense when in reality these skills and business behaviors are finely developed skills and understanding. As part of WVC's business management & entrepreneurship program, students will learn about and develop these skills.

The Marketing Business Management program enhances career opportunities for both men and women. After completion of the degree, graduates can go on to pursue a baccalaureate degree through the SIU-C Capstone program.

With the business skills learned at WVC, students can find a job in all sectors of the economy.


On top of earning a degree in Marketing Business Management, students can pursue various certificates:

Real Estate


Small Business Development

Students can join and be involved in the Business Marketing Club at WVC. The Business Marketing Club is involved in a variety of on-campus activities and holds fundraisers for the program to take educational trips and other learning opportunities.

In addition to the freshman and sophomore scholarships available to qualified applicants, sophomores in the business management & entrepreneurship program are eligible to receive the Dean Wilson Memorial Scholarship for returning sophomores to help with books.